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Land Value - The Real Price of Land For Sale Uk

According to a Halifax Survey, increasing demand for new residential property development, coupled with the severe shortage of residential land for sale, are prime factors affecting Uk land prices.

Since the value of land for sale is directly related to the house and property market, land values will show significant price differentials across the Uk. For example, land and property in London and the South East will command a higher premium than in the North of England. However, there are a number of other important factors that affect property and land value irrespective of region.

As is often the case, the price of land Uk is not merely down to site valuation. Land prices and value are also being determined by the number, types and quality of development for which planning permission can be obtained, rather than just the size and location of the site.

As the price of raw land continue to increase therefore, the true value of land becomes even more dependent on a number of other crucial considerations. These are especially important for land investors, those seeking to buy land plots to self-build and any one else considering land investing.

Other Factors Affecting The Price Of Land Uk


Land value is directly linked to the house and property market. Certain regions in the Uk will continue to command greater land price valuation for similar sized land plot or site elsewhere in the country.

Prized geographical locations for land property builders, land investors and some self-builders include sites near rail links, motorways and greenbelt, in the hope of future (medium-long term) development potential and healthy land prices being realised.

Planning Consent v Future Land Value Potential

Many people who are investing in land are doing so with the expectation of significant future gains on the price of land.

Provided conditions such as geography and location are met, buying land with the aim of obtaining planning consent in the future can be a lucrative move. The more realistic the the prospect of gaining future consent, the greater the value and subsequent price of land. As a consequence, investors will often pay over the odds for land plots - agricultural or otherwise for this very reason. Though potentially lucrative, this is not without risk - since, permission might not be given for development.

Price Of Land Based On Location

It is no secret that well located land is much sought after and can command a premium when other conditions have been met. Most favoured include land sites on edge of large towns or villages, with strong future development potential and these will generally achieve the best land prices.

Especially well located land will have good commuter, motorway, rail and transport links and should therefore see strong future land price increases.

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