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5 Conditions Driving Up Uk Land Value

With the severe UK housing shortage, fuelled by the demand and restricted supply of development land, land is increasingly becoming a much sought after commodity. Uk land property value and land prices is the centre of focus for developers, land investors' and land enthusiasts alike.

In addition to being a tangible asset, the versatility of land and its many use means it is most prized by just about every one. Whether it is the large house developer, the self-builder, or individuals seeking recreation land such as woodland, pastures, paddocks etc., It is little wonder that UK land property value continue to spiral upwards.

As is true of all investments, speculative and otherwise, the early bird catches the worm. Early land property investors will have seen the greatest returns on their land investment over the years as land values have soared.

To borrow a quote, - 'they are not growing any more land'. The upside to this however, is that uk land prices have and will undoubtedly continue to appreciate in value, offering land investors a safe and secure option compared to other forms of investments. In fact, as an asset, it is widely stated that Uk land investment has surpassed the performance of most other traditional forms of investments. This trend in appreciating land value seem set to continue.

For many Uk land investors, there has never been a better time to invest in land ownership. Land speculators see a number of key factors that are currently boosting land value and the price of land. This could see Uk land prices escalate further. Factors include:

  • Land scarcity
  • Land property value
  • Severe housing shortage
  • The current global credit crunch
  • High interest rates - yet low return on savings for investors

    Many first time investors in land are now willing to take the plunge and have very real expectations of cashing in on high levels of capital growth over the coming years. As such, land investing currently offers optimum conditions for those who wish to invest in land and property purchase.

    Land investment is seen by many as an option with such overwhelming growth potential that more and more people are turning their attention to the real value of land in the Uk. Whether land investing is for the speculative investor, the land plot investor, or the self-build purchaser, there appears to be a growing confidence in the future potential of land value and an anticipation of the rewarding financial gains. This is moreso the case as the demand for housing continue to increase and burden the already declining availability of development land.

    Most experienced land brokers believe that these conditions can only provide an ideal environment for land investment which, if entered into wisely, will provide handsome returns for land investors within a relatively short timeframe.

    Land Property Finder are in the business of bringing buyers and sellers of land together. Uk land property finder offer a service to those wanting to buy land and a FREE service to those wishing to sell land. Whether you are a property developer, a land investor or you are looking for a self-build land plot, we can match your needs against our database of buyers and sellers. Our service is completely confidential and we do not charge for our web site service.

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