Land Property Finder

Land Property are in the business of bringing together people who want to sell land and property with those who want to buy land and property.

How We Work

The way in which we conduct our land and plot finding business is twofold:

Off-line:  we work with both developers (large and small scale), self-build individuals and even homeowners, introducing them to sellers and likewise.

Online:  we are aiming to build upon our off-line success by providing a free land and property plot finding forum that connects plot sellers with plot buyers. There are distinct advantages to identifying, buying and selling land in this way other than merely through the traditional approach. Using our service can prove extremely lucrative for both buyers and sellers.

Land is increasingly becoming a scarce commodity. As such, many prime development land plots and property sites are quickly snapped up before being advertised on the open market. This can prove especially frustrating and time-consuming for some self- build individuals or modest developers sourcing smaller scale land development plots. Whether your plot finding requirement range from substantial land acreage to a modest self-build land plot, Property can help both on and off-line.

In our role as land and property finders, We aim to create online plot finding service that identifies genuine land for sale offers as well as land buying opportunities across the UK; making your land and property investment experience relatively painless. In the near future you will be able to use our free land and plot listing service to target and showcase your land buying and land selling opportunities respectively.

Our web site is completely free to visitors and provide an invaluable service that can take the hard work out of selling land, buying land and everything else in between. Whether you are looking to sell land, to buy land or a property development site, make Land Property Finders your 'one stop shop'.

Who Else We Work With

As well as working with individuals, Land Property work with a number of professional developers who are always on the look out for strategically located land and property sites. In many instances, these larger scale investment developers seek substantial land acreage for sale and will gladly undertake a joint venture with land owners.

If you are a land and farm owner, have a farm for sale, or you own large, well-located brownfield or commercial sites then you will want to know these land and property developers.

Perhaps you have tried to sell your land by traditional means without success. You may even have advertised your land for sale or gone down the land for sale by owner route without much joy. When you use Land Property Finder off-line land and property finder service, we can put you in direct touch with land and property developers who can ensure you get the very best value for your land or property.

Get in touch - you have nothing to lose and every thing to gain!

Simply complete our online enquiry form or call us (local rates apply) on:

0845 271 2846

The content on this site is purely for information purposes only and is not intended to replace your seeking professional financial and legal advice from regulated professionals before you make any land and property investment decisions. You must always carry out your own research and due diligence on any land or property you intend purchasing from any third party. Please note, we are not estate agents. We simply put you in contact with sellers/buyers

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