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Sell Property Quickly - Equity Release

In the current economic crisis, the decision by many people to achieve a quick property sale is not one that is driven by choice but one that is dictated by cirumstance.

You need only to look around to see the numberous sell my house quick or sell my house fast offers and advertisements.

While for some the motivation to sell house, land or to achieve some other form of quick property sale may relate to unfortunate circumstances such as facing repossession, bereavement, unemployment, divorce or separation etc., for other homeowners or land property owners, releasing equity may not be a necessity but purely to fund a lifestyle choice.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to sell property quickly, if you have equity tied up in your home or property, that you now want quick access to, Land Property Finder have a network of cash buyers who can buy your home fast. Whether it is your residential home, investment land, commercial property or a landlord with buy to let properties, help is at hand. Simply complete the enquiry form below.

Why sell Property Quickly Using Equity Release Schemes

  • If it is imperative that you sell your property fast, selling it on the open market is not always the best solution. Depending on your home, it could take any where up to 6 months to 1 year through to completion. Then of course there is the issue of the present condition of your property or the demand for similar properties in your area. Not to mention you may also have to contend with the issue of being in a chain

    In comparison, a cash buyer equity scheme can often buy your home in as little as 7 days, enabling you to release equity fast and in full. There are claims by some equity release companies, that they can buy your house in even less time.

  • In selling your own house, not only can you sell your property fast, you won't have to deal with the numerous window shopping time wasters viewing your home with no intention of buying

  • Should you opt to use a release equity scheme to sell property quickly, your legal fees should be paid for by the equity release company and of course, there will be no estate agency fees to pay either. A good, ethical company will not charge you any fees whatsoever for a quick property sale

  • In general, it is not easy by any means to sell house or property that is in a poor state. However, most cash buyer equity release companies will do so, irrespective of the condition the property is in

  • A notable benefit of selling your property quickly to some equity release companies is that you don't need to vacate the property on completion if you don't want to. As well as the benefit of being able to sell your property quickly to release your cash, you can then rent the property back and remain in what was - your home. This is known as sell and rent back

  • If you consider that disposal of your home, land or selling property quickly is the answer to equity release and getting cash in your hand, simply complete the Free no obligation enquiry form below and Land Property Finder will deal with your enquiry promptly and discreetly.

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