Sell And Rent Back

What Is Sell And Rent Back?

For many property or home owners, mortgage arrears, money problems or even fear about the prospect of repossession is a daunting, if not painful reality. There is also the additional burden of where they are going to live if a forced home sale is the order of the day.

However, help is at hand. The Sell to rent property concept is increasing in popularity, especially since it became regulated, forcing sell & rent back companies to be Financial Service Authority (FSA) authorised if they want to continue providing home owners with the sell house and rent back option.

Sell and rent back property schemes provide an invaluable service to all home owners and distressed sellers especially. Sell to rent or, sell and rent work on the basis that if the property owner want to release much needed equity from their home, whether it is to sell and rent back clear mortgage arrears, other debt, or even to stop repossession of their home, they can sell their house and rent it back. In essence, the home owner don't have to move out of their home after selling it.

Here is what you can expect if you want to sell rent back your home:

  • Sell Your Home Rent It scheme operators offer very quick house sales amd can usually buy your house in as little as 7 days or less.

  • As well as having much needed cash in your hand, you can remain in your home as a tenant on pre-agreed terms that are appropriate to your circumstances and need

  • These benefits alone explain why sell to rent property schemes are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to that of selling your home or property quickly, only to move into new rented accommodation.

    A further benefit of sell to rent back property schemes is that there are no fees. The scheme should cover the costs of survey charges. All your legal fees will also be paid by sell your home rent it back operators if you use their recommended solicitor. This should not however prevent you from having the paperwork checked over by your own solicitor for added peace of mind if you so wish.

    Sell your home rent it companies operate nationally and will consider properties in any condition, so it is usually of little consequence where your home or property is geographically located or the current state it is in.

    Land Property Finder partner with a number of FSA authorised scheme operators to whom you can Sell your home rent it back. You are under no obligation, by completing the 2 minute Enquiry Form. Some one will then contact you promptly to talk you through the process.

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    Alternatively, if you prefer you can call Land Property Finder for a quick chat and to arrange your free valuation: 08452712846

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