Why Sell And Rent Back

Why Sell House And Rent Back

Below are some typical life situations that explain why sell and rent back has proved the perfect solution for many people.

Although the following are not exhaustive of all the reasons for selling and renting back, they do however represent some of the most common events Land Property Finder encounter on a day to day basis:

  • Stop repossession
  • Divorce Settlement
  • Relocation
  • Bereavement
  • Redundancy
  • Debt/Money Problems
  • Equity Release

    Why sell and rent back in the case where some one is facing repossession? If you cannot stop your home or property being repossessed, by selling and renting it back you not only prevent being made homeless, but also get to remain in your home.

    Divorce and separation can cause untold misery and instability, especially for children who may need to be uprooted from their home or school. When you sell your home rent it back, both partner have ready access to any equity in the property. In addition, with the sell rent back your home option, one partner can remain in the marital home, thereby minimising any further disruption to the children and their schooling.

    A sell rent back your home scheme can therefore make a great deal of difference and is one of the main reasons why sell and rent back property solution is often favoured by many couples who find themselves in this unfortunate situation.

    Death in the family has devastating consequences, not least, the financial implications which can arise for family members through either having to meet mortgage or other financial commitments on one or no income. A sell rent back clear mortgage scheme can redeem any outstanding mortgage, while at the same time putting much needed equity into the sellers hand as well as enabling them to remain in their home and rent it back. Again, a good reason why sell and rent back is a preferred option to selling the property and having to find alternative accommodation, especially at a time of experiencing great loss.

    The prospect of redundancy can cause tremendous anxiety not to mention fear about losing your home or property or how any mortgage payments or other outgoing commitments are going to be met. This is precisely why sell and rent back property schemes have been so effective in giving a helping hand at times of financial distress. Sell and rent back also work particularly well for home owners who are experiencing a temporary financial blip, since some sell your home rent it schemes allow you to buy back your home at a discount, once you are over your financial crisis and are in a position to do so.

    Another reason why sell and rent back property schemes are growing in popularity, is the flexibility this option offers. Whether people are experiencing debt, money problems or just need to release equity for a much longed for around the world cruise etc., sell and rent back can offer a sense of freedom, security or even a means of funding a lifestyle choice.

    If you are interested in selling and renting back your home, Land Property Finder are aware of a number of FSA regulated companies operating a sell house and rent back services. We can put you in direct contact with these scheme operators.

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