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Sell House And Rent Back Property Schemes

Sell and rent back property schemes are increasingly being utilised by many people as a much valued means of remaining in their own home after selling.

There are a variety of reasons why some people may find themselves in a situation of having to sell property or their house quickly.

During times of economic crisis more and more people experience the devastation of financial hardship caused through no fault of their own. Sell and rent back property services may be one of the few ways of maintaining some kind of stability and a much needed sense of security during times of immense uncertainty and stress.

For many, the decision to sell is dictated by financial constraints which are often caused by events such as divorce and separation, mortgage arrears, redundancy, bereavement, money problems etc., While for some sellers it is simply a case of selling property quickly to release equity.

If the property happens to be the main or only residence, the issue of alternative living arrangements and associated implications arise. Being made redundant, mortgage arrears or even facing repossession can impact on the prospect of securing a rental property following a quick house sale. There is also the additional stress of having to uproot and leave a much loved home or area.

This is where a sell house and rent back service can offer a near perfect solution. There are many reasons why sell and rent back might appeal to some people. These can range from locality convenience, not wanting to move away from family and friends, to that of wanting to prevent the upheaval for school going children.

The sell and rent back service or sell and rent back property scheme is exactly what it says. By selling your home to a registered company, you can then remain in it as a tenant and rent it back on pre-agreed terms that stipulate length of rental, rental amount, rent reviews etc.,

In the past, sell and rent back got a bad press purely because of the unscrupulous practices of some investors and property companies. However, following the Financial Service Authority's (FSA) regulating the sell house and rent back schemes, all opperators of sell and rent back property services must now be licensed to offer this service. This is a good thing, as it offers distressed sellers some much needed protection at a time when they are at their most vulnerable.

If you are interested in selling and renting back your home, Land Property Finder are aware of a number of FSA regulated companies operating a sell house and rent back services. We can put you in direct contact with these scheme operators.

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